Weaving production

Various kinds of yarn are used for the production of raw fabrics: ring-spun (carded and combed) and OE, single and two-ply, yarn counts - from tex 20 to tex 72. The raw fabrics are offered in a wide range of weave assortment - plain, twill 2/2, 1/3 panama, etc. and depending on their composition - 100% cotton, 67/33% and 50/50% polyester/cotton blend 100% polyester. The fabric weights vary between 70 and 260 g/m2, widths - from 100 cm to 205 cm.

The weaving production is structured in three basic production sections and several subsidiary servicing sections:

  • Section No.1 - Warp and weft preparation
  • Section No.2 - Sizing: Zuker-Muler (Germany).
  • Section No.3 - Weaving Picanol GTM-220-2 and CTB-180-2.